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WAVE's North Atlantic Challenge

WAVE VIDMAR: Professional Explorer - Author - Speaker

Word-class adventure athlete/explorer, WAVE Vidmar, 45, USA, has been a life-long adventurer, starting at around age 5. Since then, he's explored the world, climbed mountains, competed in climbing, sailing, and a variety of other sports.

His North Pole challenge; World Wide's North Pole Solo 2004 brought him to the top of the world. Setting several world records in the process, including longest swim in the high Arctic (over 3 hours!). You can read his daily log, how he traveled for three weeks on a broken leg/ankle, meeting polar bears, and dealt with minus 50 degree (or colder) weather.

WAVE has over 35 years of sailing experience, and was sailing solo within minutes of his first sail. Whether he's crew on a 14 foot racer, captain of a 65 foot yacht, or challenging the ocean in a kayak, WAVE enjoys the ocean.

For sport he enjoys skydiving, hang gliding, sea kayaking, extreme snowboarding, and a few other 'activities'. Beyond being an athlete and explorer, he also works hard to promote a message of positive thinking and action.


North Atlantic Challenge

WAVE will attempt to row across the North Atlantic Ocean, from USA to Europe, aiming for England. He'll start in Summer 2012, in his custom, high-tech, hand-made 24 foot ocean row boat.

The north Atlantic W-E crossing is considered one of the most challenging of ocean rows. In fact, the only other American to try this route solo perished.

Wave's expeditions differ greatly from other rowing expeditions. Wave's primary goal is education and research. His Science Education Adventure Program reaches hundreds of thousands of students around the world. Wave is partnered with groups that will benefit from this expedition for years to come.

Philosophy: It's not just one man rowing across an ocean, it's hundreds or thousands of people rowing across an ocean. It's a cooperative effort, that helps push the boundaries and limits, giving real-life examples to others in what they too can possibly achieve.

More news on this soon!!